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Quick Details

Place of Origin:


Brand Name:

Vienna Quartz

Model Number:

Vienna quality Quartz


Glass, ceramics, silicate, crystal, Artificial marble, paint, coatin


Crystal shape and lattice variation


All forms (Lumps, mesh and powder) and as per customer request.

Chemical Composition:

High purity quartz (Sio2≥ 99.88%),(Fe2O3 ≤ 0.004%)


High strength and unique thermal and electrical


Translucent 100%


Free from impurities.


Optimum chemical and physical properties


Perfect for high tech. applications.

Supply Ability:

5000 Ton/Tons per Month

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

Loose or in big bags/ poly bag as required by customer


Any port in Egypt

Lead Time :

20:30 days after payment

Quartz is the rock known under the name of el Marw. It is named after the metal that makes it to signify its blocking nature. The bigger part of it is used in the production of iron ingots (ferrosilicon ingot). The ground material is used in the making of ceramics, but as for the transparent quartz, it is used for electronic purposes and radar as well as optics since certain types of it produce lenses, slices and light prisms. The chemical composition of quartz includes silicon dioxide, which is the most common metal in igneous rocks and it gains its economic value when found in amounts of highly fine conditions.



SIO2 99.74
AL2O3 0.07
Fe2o3 0.01
CAO 0.02
So3 0.01
Ca3o4 0.02
LOI 0.11


  • Ceramics / crystal industry / sand paper
  • Metal containers cleaning powder
  • Ferro silicon industry 

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