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Ahmed Abd El Wahed – CEO & Founder

Since 1996, Vienna Egypt International has provided global freight forwarding, warehousing, logistics & customs clearance solutions. Export-Import We offer total supply chain management solutions, from the moment you place a PO with your vendor until your product is delivered to the final customer, you can rely on the world class services provided by Vienna Egypt International. Our organic growth, our singular business culture & truly innovative thinking give you a competitive advantage.  A single, proprietary IT platform delivers PO tracking throughout the supply chain, from factory door through distribution centers all the way to the end user.

Our Mission
Vienna Egypt International takes pride in having offered the finest specialized services available in the transportation industry for over twenty years. The Vienna Egypt International Network of independent, licensed Agency entrepreneurs has always focused on designing services that meet the specific needs of their customers. In meeting these needs, they rely on one of their greatest competitive strengths–the quality of the Network.

Our Vision
To improve competitive edge of our customers by offering cost effective global freight and logistics solutions with superior quality performance and make them satisfied by exceeding service levels”

Why Vienna Egypt International?

Our philosophy is straightforward.
Our goal is to be a leader for the is to be a leader in export, import, logistics and transportation industry through a national network of agencies some say is the best in the business. Our “Without Fail” structure gives you greater flexibility and more options for customization than you ever dreamed of. Combined with an entrepreneurial spirit that is unmatched, we can make any shipping headache disappear.

It’s What You Deserve
Getting what you need from here to there safely, on time and stress free. That’s what Vienna Egypt International clients like best about us. Imagine a team so dependable, and so easy to work with, anything becomes possible. We deliver. Anywhere you need us to go. That’s our promise to you.