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Quick Details

Place of Origin:




Brand Name:

AWA Food Solutions


ISO 22000




Food grade

Shelf life:

24 Months


Soft Processed Cheese Stabilizer

Standard Packaging:

Bags of 25 Kg.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

Standard Packaging : Paper Bags with PE lining 25 Kgs.


Any port in Egypt

Lead Time :

15 Days

Textra P 106 is a unique stabilizer used as a texturant and gelling agent particularly suited to the
manufacture of spreadable processed cheese.
Food additives contained in Textra P 106 conform to the definition and specifications
from JECFA (FAO/WHO), FDA (21 CFR) and European Community(Directive 96/77/EC as
amended). However, we recommend that the user ensures that this product is in compliance with
the local regulations in force, particularly in the country where the product is to be consumed



  1. Improve spread ability for the producing processed cheese and give creamy texture for the end
    2. Prevent water separation from the produced cheese.
    3. Enhance organoleptic properties of the producing cheese
    4. Uniform texture for the producing cheese at different temperatures.
    5. Good Milk protein reactivity.


Vienna Egypt has experience more than 20 Years in supplying high Quality Products for Food Sector .


Vienna Egypt Food Solutions is a subsidiary   Manufacturer of Sweet & Slim and Food Blends for different applications  , certified by  ISO 9001,14001,18001,22000

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