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Halva Tahini:

Creamy White Color

Supply Ability:

10 Twenty-Foot Container per Month

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

One twenty ft. container holds an average of 4000 cases of 12 x 200 g. each, sealed plastic trays per case or 24 x 40 g. each sealed foil wrapped halva bars.



Lead Time :

30 – 45 days after payment.


Halva (Tahini/sesame) is a Turkish and a Greek dessert, Known for its high sugar content. Now it’s sugar free-aspartame free.

From The Turkish & Greek Cuisine

But Now It’s Sugar Free

Sympateec® Low Calorie

Halva Tahineya

This truly sweet dessert that goes back to ancient times, when they used to combine a holistic paste from hulled sesame seeds together with sugar to make this delicious Turkish & Greek cuisine. For a diabetic it was an absolutely prohibited dessert. But now, we’ve made it available in a low calorie – sugar free- fructose free – aspartame free – Cholesterol Free dessert, so that our dear diabetics can have a bite. Moreover, it’s rich in soluble fibers!*

Halva Tahineya. “Low Calorie – Sugar Free – Fructose Free – Aspartame Free-Cholesterol Free”. Suitable for diabetics.


Moreover, Till now! We consider ourselves, world pioneers in the innovation & production of Low Calorie-Sugar Free-Aspartame Free-Grape Juice Free & Apple Juice Free; but delicious, Mango, Peach; Strawberry & Banana and also Guava Fruit Drinks which resemble the biggest margin of our sales in the countries where the consumers choice for mangos, peaches and/or guavas isn’t matched with any other flavor.


Imagine if the Mango, Peach; Strawberry & Banana and also Guava Fruit Drinks (That are not available in the “no added sugar” class of juices)* are now available in a Delicious but, Low Calorie-Sugar Free-Aspartame Free-Grape Juice Free & Apple Juice Free fruit drinks, for diabetics & bodyweight conscious individuals, only from our company!!!!


I believe it will attract many of the consumers who happen to have a strong request for the Mango, Peach; Strawberry & Banana and also Guava Fruit Drinks specially those who suffer from diabetes & obesity in your area. And we still have more interesting varieties that aren’t just sugar free! But most importantly it’s “Low in Calories & Glycemic Index”. Additionally we make delicious but Sugar Free-Aspartame Free Helva (From sesame seeds) & Sugar Free-Aspartame Free-Low Calorie Preserves…..ETC.


The following paragraph reveals the difference between the juice brands claiming that it’s with “No added sugar” and our juices that are “Low in calories” and it was quoted by the wikipedia encyclopedia:

“Fruit juice labels may be misleading, with juice companies actively hiding the actual content “No added sugar” is commonly printed on labels, but the products may contain large amounts of naturally occurring sugars” Wikipedia Encyclopedia***


Our recently developed products are: Low calorie fruit drinks with fruit pieces both in cans and in glass bottles, Moreover, we’ve developed; low calorie-sugar free Cakes & Cookies with soluble fibers*. Furthermore, we’ve developed our no calorie-sugar free-aspartame free sweeteners with soluble fibers*. Additionally, we’ve developed a sugar sweetened variety of the fruit drinks with fruit pieces in 300 ml glass bottles.


*Soluble fibers have been found to reduce and control postprandial (2 hrs. after meal reading) blood glucose response and to improve insulin profiles in diabetics. The control and/or prevention of a variety of carcinomas (cancers) as well as certain diseases affecting the cardiovascular system have also been suggested to be influenced by dietary soluble fibers intake.

After, reviewing our website and accompanying information, we certainly welcome a future reply from you.

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